Las Vegas Kmart gives mom refund for 'new' scooter that turns out to be used

Posted at 12:21 AM, Dec 27, 2017

Miranda Ziemkowksi couldn't believe it. The one thing her 9-year-old son, Arieus, really wanted for Christmas turned out to be a rusty hunk of metal. "I got him an electric scooter," Ziemkowksi said. “It appeared like they repackaged it really nicely so you couldn't even notice."

Ziemkowski, a single mom who works two jobs, went to a Kmart in Las Vegas last Friday to pick the scooter up she had bought on layaway to put it under the tree in time for Christmas.

She said she thought she bought a brand new red and black scooter. When Arieus opened up the box to take out his gift, he got a big let-down.  "He sees a pink and white scooter that looked like it had been used maybe at least a year," Ziemkowski said.

Ziemkowski posted her disappointment on Facebook. “The tires were worn. There's rust on it, paint chipped off," Ziemkowski said.

Arieus attempted to put on a happy face. “I tried to smile but I was faking my smile," Arieus said.

Ziemkowski took the scooter back to the store. "They were about as shocked as I was," she said. Kmart politely gave back her money with no hassle. "I got a full refund."