Hospital in Wisconsin taking action after homeless man left outside

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 23, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- A homeless advocate was outraged after finding of an Aurora Sinai Medical Center patient dumped on a wet sidewalk in Milwaukee.

On Monday, a concerned citizen posted photos and video of a homeless man still wearing a hospital gown, sitting across the street from the hospital.

Leaders with Aurora say they suspended the employees involved as they investigate.

The woman who brought these photos to their attention, wants to understand a larger question.

"How often does this happen on a regular basis that nobody sees?" said Eva Welch, Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach.

Welch showed us the organization she volunteers with, called Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach.

"Our ultimate goal would be to eradicate homelessness," Welch said.

She showed us the bus she drives three nights a week, to feed and clothe people living on the streets of Milwaukee.

That is why she was outraged over photos of a homeless man she recognized.

Welch claims she spoke with the hospital's vice president of operations Monday about creating a task force, which keeps her hopeful something will change.

A spokeswoman with Aurora sent us this updated statement Tuesday afternoon:

Yesterday, a member of the community made us aware of a very troubling situation at our downtown facility. While this is a highly complex case, it is clear that our protocols and values were not followed, and we're deeply troubled by this. We're taking this matter very seriously and have suspended the individuals involved, pending an investigation.
We've set up a task force to help best address these complicated cases and ensure safe discharge planning for vulnerable individuals. We've reached out to key community leaders asking them to join us on our task force and in our efforts. We believe that, together, we can find long-term solutions.  
We're also re-educating caregivers on our service commitments to treat all patients with dignity and respect. What occurred was contrary to our values, and we're doing everything that we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Tami Kou
Director, Public Affairs
Aurora Health Care, Inc.