Homeowner chases attempted Trump sign thief, confrontation turns physical

Posted at 8:10 PM, Oct 24, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A homeowner says a confrontation with a man who attempted to steal his Trump sign out of his front yard turned physical when the man pushed him to the ground.

Phillip says he has now caught four people on camera trying to steal his Trump signs from his yard.

The most recent attempts were on Friday, when he caught not only one attempt - but two. But he says the first one at least, didn't get away unscathed. 

"They had to work pretty hard to get the sign out of the ground," said Phillip. "I think they messed up their hand in the process. They got as far as my neighbor's property before the sign made them let go."

In the video from Friday morning, which is very dark, you can make out a person wrestling with a trump sign for a full twenty seconds. He doesn't get away with the sign, because it's hooked up to a nearby tree with green fishing wire.

"I run the wires around the tree, around the rock or something different," said Phillip. "So, if the same person comes back they're going to have to hunt for where it's tethered down to."

But little did he know that Friday morning wouldn't be the only attempt. Just after 6 p.m. Phillip spotted someone trying to steal his signs again.

By the time he got to the door - the man had given up and run away - so Phillip followed him.

"I went up to them and asked them why they were trying to steal my yard sign. And of course, they denied it and denied it," said Phillip.

Phillip tried to keep the would-be sign stealer in his sight while his wife called police. 

Video from his home shows them jogging past the house twice before things turn physical. 

"I guess he decided he didn't want me following him," said Phillip, "shoves me with both hands, knocks me down."

Phillip said the pair ran into a nearby apartment building before police arrived.

His message to anyone else who tries to steal his Trump sign: "You're on camera, have fun."

Phillip says he would also like to see more done to denounce political yard sign thefts ahead of the upcoming election. 

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