'Haunted' coffee shop brings in paranormal experts to investigate

Posted at 1:42 PM, Sep 09, 2022

LOGAN, Utah (KSTU) — A coffee shop brought in paranormal investigators to back up their claim that the location is haunted.

Workers at Country No Nonsense Coffee, in Logan, Utah, have no doubts that spirits visit their shop.

"I definitely believe it is haunted; for sure, like I said, with everything going on it would just be hard to debunk it as fake," said assistant manager Gretchen Zitting.

"We would just make jokes about it, like, “Oh, it’s the ghost again,” and just blow it off, but once I caught the growl on security, I was like, 'OK, it’s something darker, something more. Maybe we should look into this a little more,'" said owner Sarah Avalos.

The shop employees were so spooked, that they decided to call in the experts to collect evidence.

“It’s good to get proof though, so people don’t think we’re crazy," said Avalos. "It’s good to have evidence."

The investigators say they caught a motion light turning on with no one around to trigger it. Audio clips supposedly contain a growl, the sound of an elephant, and a conversation where they say you can hear the spirit gasp.

Investigators also shared a video where something took over their computer screen for 17 minutes when their WiFi was off.

"I like watching 'Ghost Hunters,' and it takes a lot to catch something, you have to be there for hours and they caught a lot in three hours. I’m surprised that they caught so much," Avalos said.

But the spirits don't stop the four walls of the coffee shop. Avalos says they continue to make their presence felt in the batting cages right next door.

"It’s always been interesting, but after we caught the growl, I didn’t want to be here at night. I was just like, let’s hurry and close, hurry and get out of here, because it’s a whole different feel at night," Avalos said.

The paranormal investigators join with Avalos and shop employees in saying the place is haunted. Now those who work inside on a daily basis are trying not to upset the ghosts, goblins or ghoulies.

"If you do show reaction to it, that will make it stronger and, if anything, we just really want it to pass on and leave us alone," said Avalos. "I try not to think about it too much."

Country No Nonsense Coffee workers say they’re hoping to do ghost tours in October, but plan to stop after Halloween so they don’t irritate the spirits.

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