Frightened kitten thrown in freezer in California, tossed off balcony; man arrested

Posted at 6:51 PM, Feb 06, 2018

FONTANA, Calif. -- A man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly placing a kitten in the freezer, then throwing it off a second-story balcony in Fontana, California according to KABC.

Police received a report about a man, later identified as Lucio Lopez, 34, assaulting a 3 or 4 month-old kitten.

After investigating, officers learned that Lopez was upset that the kitten came into his apartment.

Witnesses reported seeing Lopez throw the kitten in the freezer before taking it out and squeezing it as the cat cried out in pain.

Lopez then threw the frightened kitten off the second-story balcony. The kitten suffered major injuries from the fall including chest injuries and a fractured leg.

Lopez was arrested and booked for animal cruelty.

"The kitten is doing as well as could be, but will need surgery and much-needed love," said Fontana Police.

Emergency room staffers have named the kitten Olive.