Church to hold Minecraft Easter egg hunt amid pandemic

Posted at 11:55 AM, Apr 10, 2020

MODESTO, Calif. – A California church is giving children a safe way to celebrate Easter amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Shelter Cove Community Church in Modesto is planning an egg hunt in the video game Minecraft.

Pastor Ryan Loche says he and his kids love the video game, so they set up a server and designed an Easter format for the weekend.

"My daughter was playing the game and her and her friend were like running out of ideas on what to do,” Loche told KTXL. “And I said, well why don't you guys try to make our church in Minecraft? It was just really neat to see kind of the 8-year-old’s interpretation of what our building should look like."

The pastor says a couple hundred kids are signed up to participate in the virtual egg hunt, but he thinks the server could handle thousands of participants.

"It's been really neat that we have all this technology at our disposal to be able to continue to connect, when we're not able to actually physically get together," Loche said.

Kids can sign up to take part in the hunt on the church's website.

KTXL and CNN contributed to this report.