Caught on video: Man flies through windshield in violent crash at Florida Turnpike toll plaza

Everyone in vehicle survived the crash
Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 11, 2018

ST. CLOUD, Fla. — Newly released video of a car violently crashing into a turnpike toll plaza shows a passenger thrown from the vehicle. 

In his report, the trooper who responded to the incident noted that the driver of the vehicle appeared to be fatigued at the time. 

DISCLAIMER: The video is graphic in nature, viewer discretion is advised.




The video shows the SUV speeding towards the plaza and crashing into the barrier. A passenger can be seen ejected from the vehicle, through the windshield. He then skids along the ground before coming to a stop right next to one of the toll booths.  

The SUV caught fire and poured smoke into the surrounding area before another person can be seen coming out of the vehicle. 

Officials say there were five people in the vehicle and all survived.