9-year-old child finds giant earthworm in backyard

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Posted at 1:14 PM, Sep 06, 2022

A giant earthworm was recently unearthed in New Zealand.

Nine-year-old Barnaby Domigan found it in his family’s garden in Christchurch, Radio New Zealand reported.

The news outlet reported that while his mom considered the earthworm “the stuff of nightmares,” he was delighted.

"I tried to convince my dad to keep it in a plastic bag, but he wasn't really in on that idea," Domigan said in his interview with RNZ.

RNZ reported that after taking a picture of it, they eventually decided to put it back into the garden.

"I think it's because like adults don't really enjoy giant worms in their house, houses... So like if I was an adult, I would agree," the child told the media outlet.

The child told RNZ that he enjoys learning about “weird animals” and described the worm as feeling cold and squishy.

According to RNZ, an expert said it appears to be a species of native earthworm, but they'd need to closely examine it in order to identify what it is exactly.