Mother warns of side-by-side cribs danger

Posted at 6:15 AM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 07:15:32-04

What’s wrong with this picture? A mother of 18-month-old twins had to learn the hard way not to put her children’s cribs side-by-side. 

Alison Johnson says she put her children down for a nap only to run back a few minutes later when she heard her son crying. When she entered the room, according to the Today Show, what she saw would traumatize her for days after the incident.

"His body fit through, but his head wouldn't. He was using every ounce of energy he had to hold himself up by his little arms," The Today Show says Johnson wrote in a Facebook post warning other moms of multiples. "If they had given out, he would've just been hanging there by his head.

"What's even more scary is that like many moms, I generally use nap time as an opportunity to shower. Had I done that today and checked on him after five minutes, he would have literally hung himself."

Thankfully her son, Caleb, is doing fine now but this experience prompted Johnson to also make sure her 6-week-old daughter doesn’t fall into the same issue.

"I've received hundreds of notes from other twin parents thanking me because their nurseries were set up the exact same way," the 37-year-old Phoenix mother told the Today Show. "They all said it was something they would never think of."

Johnson told the Today Show that she and her husband have taken numerous precautions to make sure Caleb and his twin sister, Libby, are safe. This incident was the first time Caleb even attempted to crawl out of his crib.

"We had already lowered his mattress as far as it goes and he hadn't been able to climb out up until that point," she said.

Now the twins are sleeping on opposite sides of the room.