Memphis mother taken into custody after 4 children found fatally stabbed

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 17:32:59-04

MEMPHIS, TN – A mother of four was taken into custody Friday after four of her children were found stabbed to death.

Memphis’ NBC WMC station reports that the children were found in an apartment around noon by Shelby County deputies.

A WMC reporter says that officials believe all children were under the age of six but has not confirmed each child's age. 

The Department of Children’s Services reports that the family had no prior issues or history reported, says WMC.

Oldman went on to say that there were several other people outside of the apartment when the stabbing reportedly occurred.

"The investigation will likely reveal who saw what, and exactly if anyone else was in that apartment," Oldham told WMC.

He went on to explain that while authorities have been called to the area for multiple deaths, none were this young.

"It is certainly something we see across the country and there have been multiple deaths here, but I can't recall one involving young children at this young age.”

A psychiatrist with the University of Tennessee Medical Center reported to WMC that the number of children murdered by a mother, to this extent, is a rare occurrence.

“This is something that is very rare," Dr. Joel Reisman said. "When it does occur, you hear about it on the news. The majority of the time when this occurs it is with a mother who has a form of mental illness."