Look Out, Reach Out

2 Cares for the Community and a group of nonprofit agencies in the Tulsa area have come together to form a new coalition. This coalition is designed to teach the community how to identify and report any child abuse that could increase due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

A new awareness campaign called Look Out, Reach Out has been created by the coalition, which consist of Family & Children's Services, the Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Tulsa Area United Way and Child Abuse Network.

Experts within the coalition say that due to social distancing, many children are at a higher risk of child abuse than normal. Not only are families under a great deal of stress which can result in frustrations being taken out on children, but schools and daycares are temporarily closed, and these places are the most common to identify and report child abuse.

“Our community is experiencing an unprecedented health and economic crisis that is burdening families and caregivers with multiple layers of stress,” said Alison Anthony, President and CEO of Tulsa Area United Way. “With so many risk factors for child abuse sharply increasing, it’s important for the entire community to come together and look out for our children. We are so proud to join together with Child Abuse Network, Parent Child Center and Family and Children’s Services to raise awareness and help protect our children from abuse.”

The Look Out, Reach Out team advises all families to keep the following tips in mind during this time:

• Have a safety plan in mind and act on it before stress becomes overwhelming
• Keep an eye on any individuals and families who are struggling
• Try to visually see the child or children in any way possible
• If the stress is difficult, call the COPES emotional support line at 981-744-4800

If anyone has concerns for a child's safety, they can report anonymously to the Oklahoma Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-522-3511.

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