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Woman says evidence in burglary wasn't turned over

Posted at 8:57 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 21:57:37-04

An eerie afternoon in November left Wendy Nickle sick to her stomach.

Nickle says a man broke into her home while she was sleeping, stole her purse and took off in her car.

She tells our Problem Solvers it seemed like an open and shut case - since the suspect was caught on camera using her credit cards.

But months later, she is still waiting for police to turn over evidence.

"I could tell something was up because everything was in disarray and the window was pushed in, Nickle said. "He took my purse right off my kitchen table, which had my car keys in it. My purse and my car were gone."

Shortly after, someone started using her credit cards and charging items to them.

Nickle said she tracked purchases to Auto Zone and Walmart in Tulsa.

Nickle said she saw surveillance footage, which captured not only her car but the suspect and his apparent accomplice.

Nickle said she took a picture of the two and posted it on social media. And to her surprise, the woman in the photo messaged her on Facebook.

"She admitted to me that she didn't come inside the house, but she did drive my car for two days," Nickle said.

Nickles then brought the confession and the surveillance footage to the police.

When her car was recovered, Nickle realized the suspect's Bluetooth was still connected to her car, which she then showed to police.

Months went by and Nickle's said police never turned the evidence over to the district attorney and that's when the 2 Works for You Problem Solvers stepped in.

Our team called the Kellyville Police and the evidence was handed over.