WATCH: 3-year-old boy sings his heart out during church service

Posted at 11:42 AM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 00:19:54-04

A little boy from Muskogee is singing his way into the hearts of several people with a video that’s being rapidly shared on the internet and soon he could appear on the national television. 

Meet Madden Madewell. He’s 3-years-old and not afraid to stand in front of the entire congregation at Chapel Baptist Church, according to the Muskogee Phoenix, and sing his little heart out.

Recently Madden sang the gospel hit “He’s still working on me,” and someone captured it on a camera. The video shows the little guy jamming away on his guitar with people cheering him on and clapping in the background.

"A coworkers of mine had asked me to bring him to church and he sang, and she posted the video on Facebook," said his mother, Alyson Madewell.

She and her husband are shocked by all the attention the video has received in the past two weeks.

"The fact that four-hundred thousand people have seen our three-year-old sing is just mind-blowing," she added, "We told him a lot of people have seen him sing about Jesus and he thought that was pretty cool."

These two sing together all the time whether at home or their church, Muskogee First Assembly of God.

Madden picked up a guitar when he was about one-year-old and continued playing ever since.

The entire video is posted below. Just try to watch it without smiling, we dare you!

After Madden's video started to be shared everywhere, it attracted the attention of casting director with the hit NBC show "Little Big Shots." Currently, Madden is trying out for the show.

"We say if that happened that would be awesome, and we would definitely go out there and do it," said Madewell. 

Watch for updates on whether or not he makes it! Go Madden! 

Also, don't miss out on his performance coming up on July 9 at Muskogee's Roxy Theatre. It's the montly "Oklahoma Music Jamboree."