Safe Kids Tulsa reacts to viral video of Utah toddler saving twin trapped under dresser

Posted at 8:57 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 22:19:54-05

It's a video that's shocked the internet. A Utah boy is shockingly alive after a dresser falls and pins him to the ground. His 2-year-old twin brother was there to save to the day.

"Your heart just drops," Safe Kids Tulsa Coordinator Beth Washington said. 

A nanny cam captures a moment that has the world praising a two-year-old boy.

"It was so amazing the little brother, the twin brother, could help his brother out," Washington said. 

Both brothers attempted to climb up a white dresser, but it fell on little Brock Shoff and pinned him to the ground. His brother Bowdy, saved his life by lifting the dresser so his twin could escape.

"There's so many times the outcome doesn't turn out like that," Washington said.

Washington says these sometimes tragic incidents tend to happen to kids five and under.

"A child dies every two weeks from either a TV or furniture or some kind of appliance tipping over on them," she said.

That's where Brett Tatum comes in. He's a professional baby proofer. He says he first begins in the kitchen.

"Your simple tried and true safety latch," Family Friendly Homes Owner Brett Tatum said.

Another danger is furniture like we see in the video. Tatum has a solution.

"We're going to take a device like this and one side mounts to the wall and the other side mounts to the dresser," he said. "That's not going anywhere."

Bowdy and Brock's mom says the dresser that fell on her son is now secure. She hopes other parents will do the same.

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