VIDEO: 7-year-old reacts to hearing he is cancer free for first time

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 23:56:18-04

It’s a story we never get tired of telling, a young boy now cancer free after battling leukemia.

It’s been a long journey fighting Leukemia for 7-year-old Ben Morris and his reaction to hearing, for the first time, that he is cancer free is beautiful.

He’s been in hospital chairs off and on for three years.

"It is exactly as horrible as any mom would imagine it would be,” Ben’s mother Casi Morris said.

Seven-year-old Ben Morris was diagnosed with leukemia at just four-years-old. Instead of playing like other pre-schoolers, Ben was fighting for his life.

"It's been a lengthy journey,” Ben’s mother said. “We had some struggles and some tough times."

On June 1st, Casi Morris found out that her son was cancer free. She took to Facebook to let the world know. That video has been shared thousands of times, even by country music artist Tim McGraw.

“If you can believe it, I was more excited than Ben,” Ben’s brother Ethan Morris said.

Ben’s reaction is inspiring.

"Like crazy, I was just really happy,” he said.

Friday was his last chemo treatment.

“It just feels kind of weird, but I’m just very used to it,” Ben said.

"It was hard for Ben, but it was a lot harder for me,” Ethan Morris said.

Before leaving, Ben took one final walk down the hallway, thanking those who’ve helped him get through the fight. Ben Morris is now in remission, cancer free.

Watch the video in the player below! If you are unable to view it below, click here.

Congratulations, Ben! You did it!