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Strangers help veteran cleanup cemetery near Muskogee

Posted at 5:59 PM, Oct 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 08:29:35-04

SUMMIT, Okla. — Louis Dawson served the country in the Vietnam war.

Dawson said he's driven passed an unmarked cemetery in Summit, just outside of Muskogee, for years. At 74 years old, his health is declining, but he felt the need to do something for the people buried in the cemetery.

“The first time I seen it, to me, it was a disgrace,” Dawson said.

So, with a weed eater and his seated walker, Dawson came out to clear the high weeds and grass from the headstones. The first headstone he found belongs to a World War II veteran who died when Dawson was only eight.

“I would like for his family to know that somebody is out here actually caring for someone,” Dawson said.

Mow-town Outdoors heard what Dawson was doing and sent a crew and equipment out to help.

Brian Glory felt it was his duty.

“Being a veteran myself, hearing of a veteran out here struggling to take care of other veterans," Glory said. "My business partner and I decided it was time to pitch in and help.”

Within three hours, the once overgrown and unmarked cemetery was cleared, a mission complete for Dawson.

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