Vatterott working with Career Point students as many search for answers in college's closure

This week Career Point students have been worried about their graduation dates, wondering how they're going to get ahold of their transcripts.

Now at least one Tulsa Vo-Tech school says they're trying to help.

Vatterott College directors say they're working with the Board of Private Vocational schools to see if they can access transcripts for students who want to transfer.

If so, they say students could potentially stay on track on graduation – something so many are worried about.

“They've paid for their education, they've paid for the process. They've done all the work, they've done the right thing and they deserve to get their transcripts, their education,” said Campus Director Carmen Robl.

Despite rumors of possible answers from the school, Career Point College remained locked up Tuesday.

The closure comes two months after the college says it discovered student aid rules were violated by three employees. Vatterott directors say this is just one closed school they're receiving transfers from this year alone. But they don't want students to get discouraged.

“There's some really bad guys out there that have tarnished our reputation. We have to live with the outcomes of these schools,” said Robl.

The Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools is asking students to contact them so they can update their records and make notifications of any developments.

To update your info, you can email them at and provide your preferred email and mailing addresses, as well as telephone number.

The OBPVS says it will only use the information to share additional information as more becomes available.


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