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Tulsa woman wants answers after being attacked by neighbor's dogs

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Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-03 07:45:53-04

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa woman is asking for answers after she said she was attacked by a dog last week. The woman, Melinda Daniel said less than a week after her son was attacked by the same group of dogs, owned by her neighbors, she was then attacked. And now she wants to know why something wasn’t done with the dogs prior to her mauling.

Melinda Daniel said she’s a dog lover, but from now on she’ll think twice about dogs she doesn’t know.

 “I thought I was gonna die. I thought I was gonna bleed to death before the ambulance got here,” said Melinda Daniel.

She said she came home from work on March 28, stepped out of her truck in her driveway and was attacked seconds later.

“They go open their door and their dog darts out and just jumped at my face and clenches on my nose,” said Daniel.

Melinda’s attack comes after her son Brandon said the same neighbor's dogs attacked him on March 23rd as he rode his skateboard down their street.

“I went to hit them with my skateboard and they got too close to me and I had to create some distance in between me and the dogs so I tripped over this dirt mound over here and I pretty much just covered my vitals. And this jacket right here saved me,” said Brandon Daniel.

Melinda said after her son’s attack, all five of the neighbor's dogs remained in the home. She said police ticketed the neighbors but the dogs never went anywhere. And fast forward 5 days, Melinda said she was attacked. And is now demanding answers on why the dogs weren’t taken away after the first attack.

“This should’ve never happened to me. Those dogs should’ve been taken when my son was mauled. I shouldn’t be here right now,” said Melinda.

And both, mother and son said it’s incredibly frustrating knowing that this could have been avoided.

“It’s just one of those things, that I can’t, I can’t, I can’t put into words, I really can’t,” said Brandon.

Melinda has a long road ahead for her recovery and is meeting with a reconstructive plastic surgeon next week to try to repair and rebuild her nose. Tulsa Police confirm three of the five dogs were taken from the home following Melinda’s attack.

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