Ride inspectors prepare for Tulsa State Fair

Posted at 4:30 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 17:30:32-04

TULSA – With less than 24 hours away until the Tulsa State Fair, crews are preparing the rides before thousands of people arrive Thursday.

Assembly crews for the carnival rides and inspectors from the State Department of Labor worked Wednesday to make sure the rides at the Tulsa State Fair are safe and ready for the “Goatastic”

Six inspectors with a combined 30 years of experience will be at the midway every day and they will continue to check rides throughout the eleven days of the fair.

2 Works for You reporter Joe Henke says that despite the fact that the rides just passed inspection for the Oklahoma State Fair, it does not matter. They are required by the state to be checked once again.

From latches to straps … seats and the mechanics - everything was checked. And ride operators were also tested to make sure they are trained on the ride in front of them.

"In Oklahoma every time the fair rides open at a fair, they're inspected. That is unlike other states. Every time you see one of these constructed and up and running we are here to do the inspection,” said Stacy Bonner, Acting Labor Commissioner.

No injury accidents were reported last year at the Tulsa State Fair, but early this month, a worker died during routine maintenance on the Sky Ride.

The Sky Ride is expected to be up and running at the Tulsa State Fair for its 50th year.