Tulsa police release audio of 911 calls involving the abandoned vehicle of Terence Crutcher

Posted at 6:58 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 12:55:24-04

Tulsa Police Department released audio of witnesses calling dispatch and relaying information about the abandoned car of Terence Crutcher, the man fatally shot and killed by police near 36th St. North and Lewis Ave. 

Crutcher, 40, left his car unattended and running in the middle of a two-lane road on 36th St. Sept. 16. He was later confronted by police and shot by Tulsa police officer, Betty Shelby.

The two witnesses in the audio recordings described the vehicle “in the middle of the road” and “blocking traffic.”

Crutcher, who was driving a late model Lincoln Navigator, suddenly ejected himself from the front seat leaving his driver side car door open and engine running.

One witness, who elected to remain anonymous to police, explained encountering Crutcher shortly after exiting his car. 

“I was rude to him too because I got out and was like, do you need help? And he was like, come here, come here. I said. 'Well what's going on?,' and he's like, come here, come here. I think it's going to blow up. I'm like nah, I'm out,” the caller said.

SPECIAL SECTION: The fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher

TPD officer Betty Shelby has been placed on administrative leave with pay and a full investigation of the incident is underway.

Full track 1 witness transcript below:

Dispatch: 911 police, fire, or  medical.

Caller: Police.

Dispatch: What's the address of your emergency.

Caller: Uhh it's south of, uhh, 36th street and Lewis.

Dispatch: Alright. Is it on Lewis or is it on 36th?

Caller: Uhh, no. It's actually an abandoned vehicle. Somebody left their vehicle running in the middle of the street. The door is wide open.

Dispatch: OK, on Lewis or on 36th?

Caller: It's on 36th Street.

Dispatch: OK.

Caller: It's on the west side of Lewis.

Dispatch: On the west side of Lewis on 36th Street.  

Caller: Yes. It's on 36 Street.

Dispatch: OK, uhhh, that is not a really good idea too.

Caller: (laughing) No. The doors are open, the vehicle is still running. An SUV. It's like in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

Dispatch: OK, and so it's a, what color SUV?

Caller: Uhh, tan.

Dispatch: OK. It's a tan(vehicle). And there's nobody around it?

Caller: There was a guy running from it. He, like 'somebody was going to blow up.' I think he's smoking something.

Dispatch: Ohh (laughing).

Caller: I was rude to him too because I got out and was like, 'do you need  help'? And he was like, 'come here, come here.' I said 'well, what's going on' and he's like, 'come here come here. I think it's going to blow up.' I'm like, 'nah I'm out.'

Dispatch: OK.

Caller: He started freaking out and he took off running.

Dispatch: Oh, wow.

Caller: Yeah, I think he's smoking something.

Dispatch: Okay, a vehicle is running in the middle of 36th Street.

Caller: And I left about ten minutes ago and came back and it's still sitting there, so.

Dispatch: Okay. Umm, OK, and bless your heart for doing this.

Caller: Thanks.

Dispatch: Do you want to talk to the officers when they come out?

Caller: Uhh, no.

Dispatch: OK. Alright, well I will go ahead and get the call in so that we can get somebody out there.

Caller: Alright.

Dispatch: And did you happen to notice the tag number?

Caller: Uhh, no I didn't.

Dispatch: OK. Alright, that's alright. I will go ahead and call them to the officers so they can get it moved before somebody gets hurt.

Caller: Yes, because it's blocking traffic.

Dispatch: OK. Thank you dear.

Caller: Mmm, hmmm

Dispatch. OK, bye bye.

Full track 2 witness transcript below:

Dispatch: 911 police, fire or medical.

Caller: Uhh, police.

Dispatch: How can I help you?

Caller: There is a car that looks like somebody just jumped out of it and left it in the center of the road on 36th Street North and, uhh, North Lewis Avenue.

Dispatch: OK. Is it on Lewis or is it in the intersection or is it on 36th?

Caller: Yeah, It's dead in the middle the street on 36th Street North on the west side of Lewis.

Dispatch: Lewis? OK. 

Caller: Just as soon as you cross through the light on, going west and it's a Navigator or something, like the driver side door is open and like somebody jumped out. It's on the yellow line ... blocking the traffic.

Dispatch: Did you see what color it is? I know it's kind of dark.

Caller: It's kind of tan colored. It's like a Navigator a silver, uhh, like a, I think it's a Navigator, a newer model.

Dispatch: OK. Alright, do you want to remain anonymous or you want to give me you name and phone number?

Caller: No. I just want to remain anonymous. I just happen to be passing through there going home. I'm getting dinner and stuff.

Dispatch: OK.

Caller: And I just seen it there and nobody's in the car and the driver side door is open. Like a say it's on the yellow line blocking both lanes coming in both directions.

Dispatch: OK. Was the driver side the only one that was open?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatch: OK. Alright, I got the call into the officers

Caller: OK, thank you.

Dispatch: Bye bye.

Caller: Bye bye. 

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