Tulsa police major transferred after controversial blog post saying ‘we are at war': TPD

Posted at 10:25 AM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 11:25:43-04

TULSA - Not long after being reprimanded for writing an essay that claimed “we are at war,” one Tulsa police officer has been transferred. 

Major Yates with the Tulsa Police Department was “reshuffled” from his spot after publishing a blog post about the recent deaths of officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge saying the deaths "solidifies what just about no one wants to acknowledge: We are at war!"

A TPD spokesman, Sgt. Shane Tuell, says the Tulsa police chief reviewed the post Tuesday and found its wording "inappropriate." While the police chief did not approve of the post, Tuell says the “reshuffling” of Yates was routine but that the blog post did have some type of impact on where Yates was transferred.

Sgt. Shane Tuell with TPD said reshuffling happens mainly because of bid boards between captains and majors. Major Yates was reportedly transferred from Gilcrease Division to Special Operations Division.