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Tulsa couple living a week without water

Without water
Posted at 9:58 PM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 23:48:41-05

TULSA, Okla. — City and contracted crews are putting a dent in water main break repairs around Tulsa. However, hundreds are still waiting for theirs to be restored.

“At this point we are pretty over it," Jennie Lloyd said.

Lloyd and her partner, Sterling Cosper, are going on a week without water.

The couple told 2 Works for You they lost their water service Tuesday night. A break highlighted on the City of Tulsa's water main break map, shows a break in their neighborhood affecting the water line to 22 homes.

"We didn't think it would last this long," Lloyd said.

The two shoveled snow into buckets to use as water to flush toilets and boil for cooking. Now, the warm-up in Green Country is melting their supply. A bathtub filled of frozen water is all that is left.

"Something really needs to happen now, since we don't have water sitting in our backyard, anymore," Lloyd said.

They rented a hotel room over the weekend to shower, brush their teeth, and drink from the faucet sink, but the couple cannot afford to run up a second home bill during the pandemic.

They said their last hope is a city crew of saviors to restore water service and rescue them from a week to forget.

A historical deep freeze stole their water. Now, they are crossing their fingers, it won't force them out their front door next.

“I get that it was unexpected but this is unacceptable," Cosper said. "“I hope this is a big awakening for a lot of people in government. This year's this winter storm."

As of Monday night, the City of Tulsa's water main break board shows 44 active breaks.

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