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Tulsa community struggles with water shut offs

Posted at 9:34 PM, Aug 22, 2020

The Forest Orchard Community has water after being without for the third time in the past two weeks.

The most recent shut off lasted for around seventeen hours.

Rebecka Snyder told 2 Works for You, “When you don’t have water for 17 hours and its 90 degrees outside its pretty frustrating."

Several members of the community, which is located near Cherry Street, reached out to the city of Tulsa about the shut offs.

They were told the water shut offs were due to the developers working on a water line that runs from 11th 17th street and St. Louis Avenue.

“They literally have told us all three times now that they didn’t know the water was off that there was a contractor working on the pipes they had no idea when it was going to be on", Snyder tells us.

When community members talked to the development company, they were told it was the city inspector who shut off the water to the area.

One community member we spoke spoke to told us about how the lack of water and notice from the city has cost her a job after losing one due to COVID-19.

Brenna Brown tells us, “the lack of water and the lack of notice make it close to impossible to predict when you would be available for an interview

Neighbors say they feel like they have been given the run around as to who is responsible, and they are caught in the middle not knowing when the next shut off will be.

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