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Tulsa business owner needs help after lawn equipment stolen

Posted at 7:36 PM, Aug 31, 2020

TULSA, Okla. — Daniel Jones woke up Monday morning preparing to take his son to his first day of school when he said his wife discovered his truck and trailer full of lawn care equipment gone from his driveway.

“I lost two weed eaters, my edger, two zero turns, all my tools that were on my trailer," he said. "I lost my trailer as well. And I lost two push mowers.”

Jones owns a lawn care business called Tulsa Urban Lawns. While he has another job, taking care of lawns brings in a large portion of his paycheck.

“Today, I’ve lost a total of about $500 bucks," he said. "I’m really trying to keep myself together because, without my equipment, some bills and maybe rent might not get paid."

Jones posted about his missing items on Facebook. A few hours later, a good samaritan contacted him saying he found his truck. It was about four miles from his house at the Seminole Hills apartments. He said his stereo was removed and important papers are missing along with tools and his insurance and registration.

While Jones is grateful to have his truck back, he still needs his lawn care equipment.

“With just my truck and no equipment, I’m still at a loss," he said.

Jones said he filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department and has a message for whoever took his equipment.

“Whoever did this, I sure would appreciate it if you would return it," Jones said. "It’s just very hard for me and my family right now, and I hate that you did it."

If you have any information about the missing lawn care equipment, contact Tulsa police at 918-596-9222.

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