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Troy Aikman's Highway to Henryetta

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Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-12 21:27:42-04

HENRYETTA, Okla — Troy Aikman's inaugural Highway to Henretta is now in the books, even with the heat the festival is expected to bring in up to ten thousand attendees.

People are out singing along to their favorite songs, dancing, and everyone is trying to grab a photo with Troy Aikman, the man that put the event together.

Gary Cochran, a Tulsa native, said he drove up from Fort Worth, TX for the event.

He said for this being the first year of the festival, everything has been going smoothly.

“This is just a good time being out in the open. This is awesome,” Cochran said.

Jenifer bush, another attendee, echoed the same thing.

“It’s actually pretty fun. I got to many concerts and I’m loving this one," she said.

Cochran is a big Troy Aikman and Cowboy's fan, and during the event Saturday he was standing just feet away from the pro-football Hall of Famer.

“We were sitting right there and I was like ‘okay that’s Troy, that’s Troy’ but you know what’s cool is Troy was out here with everybody else, in the heat sweating, sleeves rolled up, just like everybody else so down to earth guy. I mean what could you expect it’s awesome", Cochran said.

He said he thinks it's awesome Aikman put the festival together and is helping put Henryetta on the map.

Along with the music and food, there are games the attendees can enjoy as well.

Due to the heat, staff members with Hillcrest Medical Center were on-site to pass out water and neck wraps to cool people down.

Despite the hot day, many fans are withstanding the heat just to get a chance to see Troy Aikman.

“As crazy as it sounds this started out as a class high school reunion if you will, and we were having it in Texas," said Aikman. "I said you know what we have to have this in Henryetta, Oklahoma and one thing lead to another and the next thing I know we’re putting on the Highway to Henryetta."

There's more to this concert festival than just the music and fun, 100% of the proceeds goes back to Henryetta Public Schools and their athletics department.

"It’s a great thing for this small town and I mean this park has been here for years and years and years and this is probably the biggest thing that has ever happened here but it’s a great thing for the community and it’s a great thing that Troy's doing for the schools," Douglas Hovarter, an attendee from Texarkana, said.

As the inaugural festival came to an end, all the fans 2 News spoke to echo what Cochran said, "if there is a next one, yes we will be back next year for sure. We would definitely do this again 100%.”

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