TPD: 'We need your help' Identifying dog walking driver

Posted at 10:10 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 07:23:04-04

Tulsa police are asking the community for help in identifying the individual holding a leash from a car window leading a dog down a busy street.

TPD says they need someone to come forward and file a formal complaint and then they can investigate.

"We've received phone calls from the media, local and national, in reference to this story," Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Mackenzie said.

The video appears a dog is being pulled down the street near the intersection of 11th and Yale.

"People love their animals and they don't want to see animals hurt and when they see somebody walking their dog from their car, that makes people really angry," Officer Mackenzie said.

With outrage flooding social media, Tulsa police say they want to help. But first, they need the community to step up.

"Our issue is without a report, we don't have anything to investigate," Officer Mackenzie said.

We spoke with the woman who shot the video. She says she called the TPD non-emergency number.

"That patrol officer from my understanding showed up to the scene but didn't speak to anybody, looked for the vehicle and was unable to locate it," Officer Mackenzie said.

Officer Mackenzie says stories involving animals enrage people the most. But to be able to find this person, someone has to come forward.

"There might be somebody who knew that he or she did that and all we need is that person to say, 'Hey that is so and so who did that,'" she said. "But we need the report field first before we can investigate it."