TPD: Man shoots suspected armed intruder

Posted at 6:37 AM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 14:12:22-05

TULSA – Police are investigating after a homeowner says they shot an armed intruder that entered their home, eventually marking Tulsa’s fifth homicide for the year.

Tulsa police say around midnight Friday, they were called to E. Queen Street to check on reports that a man entered a home and was armed.

According to police, a man and a woman were at home when the intruder arrived. Police say the male homeowner opened the door and the intruder entered with a handgun and begun to steal items.

The male homeowner was able to procure a handgun and shot the intruder as they grabbed items from their home. The intruder, later identified as Devon Sanders, then fled the residence and police say they found him near Cheyenne and Queen Street. Officers say the intruder was declared dead at the scene.

Now Tulsa police is interviewing everyone involved, that is able to speak, as well as collecting evidence.

Police say the description of the intruder matches that of another home invasion report made on February 18 around 2 a.m. During that call, the caller stated they say a suspect enter a home with handgun and eventually fired off shots. Investigators are trying to determine if these two incidents are linked and if the deceased suspect has an accomplice or was acting alone.