TPD: Tulsa man arrested for allegedly sexually abusing children of multiple girlfriends

Posted at 9:20 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 13:30:09-04

The man wanted for allegedly sexually abusing the children of his multiple girlfriends was arrested this week.

Brian Campbell was found by authorities Tuesday night after an arrest warrant was issued for him and the women who cared for the children. Christina Mathews was also arrested this week, says authorities, and her picture is posted below. 

Police say Campbell targets women with children to abuse them sexually.

"There are five arrest warrants out right now for the five suspects, two have been arrested and there are three still outstanding," Cpl. Kraft said.

While Cpl. Kraft is unsure how many children each girlfriend has, he knows there are multiple victims.

"There are several, at least one with each if not more," he said.

Police say Campbell is no stranger to the law. They say there are several reports and allegations of sexual abuse involving Campbell. But he isn't the only one who could face time behind bars. Cpl. Kraft says the mothers aren't innocent.

"It appears as though the mothers were aware of his history and failed to take their children out of that situation," Cpl. Kraft said.  "In essence, almost indirectly allowing the abuse."

As of now, police arrested 45-year-old Beverly Vaughn and 38-year-old Dawn Cox. TPD says they could face charges of child neglect and failure to protect their children.

"The ability to put these bad guys in prison and kind of bring closure to those children and those families and get them the help and counseling and therapy they need, really makes it I guess bearable," Cpl. Kraft said.