TPD: 1 stabbing victim left in serious condition after alleged north Tulsa altercation

Posted at 7:11 AM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 08:11:36-04

TULSA – One person is in serious condition after suffering stab wounds in an altercation that Tulsa police say they are still not quite sure what occurred.

The situation started around 6:40 a.m. when Tulsa police were called to the 2700th block of East Admiral Court to investigate reports of a stabbing. When they arrived, Tulsa police say, they were informed that shots were being fired.

Two people were reportedly running from the scene when Tulsa police arrived; they were detained. A white male with two large stab wounds to his upper back was found on the ground.

Witnesses in the area told Tulsa police that they were present during the alleged assault and indicated that one person was stabbed while another fired off a pistol. After giving this statement, however, the witnesses then fled from police and hid.

As officers continued to gather more information about the incident, the possible suspect arrived in a vehicle on North Lewis turning into the neighborhood.

The possible suspect led Tulsa police on a pursuit that ended near Xanthus and Tecumseh, where they found an empty Jeep with a bloody knife in the floorboard. The Jeep was dark colored with the license plate number read 425 KFL, reports Tulsa police.

Detectives attempted to search for the possible suspect but several aspects, including a homeless camp and roaming dogs in the area, prevented them from finding anyone.

Back at the scene, says Tulsa police, the only information given centered around the story that a woman and her boyfriend got into a fight, then she went to stay with friends at the aforementioned location. At some point, witnesses said, the boyfriend arrived at the residence and an altercation ensued leaving the white male with stab wounds.

Some witnesses told Tulsa police that the possible suspect then fled on foot but later returned in the Jeep and allegedly began firing at people in the area. While other witnesses stated that the possible suspect in the Jeep as well as another person on the street were firing guns. Despite both stories, Tulsa police found no shell casings in the area.

The victim was transported to an area hospital and was last listed in serious condition.

Tulsa police say they are still trying to sift through all the information and determine what exactly occurred.