Suspect dies after being tased twice by police

Posted at 1:46 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 13:20:30-04

TULSA – A suspect was pronounced dead last week after Tulsa police say they were forced use a Taser more than once to detain him.

Tulsa police were called to the Super 8 Motel at 1011 South Garnett Road to check if any guests had outstanding warrants when they discovered Ollie Brooks.

Brooks was wanted out of Okmulgee County, so officers went to his hotel room where they found drug paraphernalia.

Tulsa police say Brooks resisted arrest, causing them use pepper spray but it was not effective. Then the officers used a Taser on Brooks but he continued to resist.

Brooks was shocked by a Taser a second time before attempting to escape from the officers by running down nearby stairs. He was subdued once again and police officers were able to put him in handcuffs.

Not long after being arrested, Brooks had to be checked out by EMSA due to a medical issue. Later Brooks was pronounced dead.

A preliminary report from the medical examiner’s office shows that Brooks died from complication with an enlarged heart and over exertion. The officers who caught Brooks were put on temporary leave without pay until the results could be determined but have reportedly be allowed back since the report.

The Tulsa Police Department says that the officers followed policy.