Storm wreaks havoc in Coweta

Posted at 9:59 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 23:42:42-04

Storms pushed through Coweta Thursday, leaving a swath of damage in their wake. 

Everywhere you look, Mother Nature's force is apparent. 

"I could hear the branches hitting the house and I kind of thought the roof was going to come off," Coweta resident Robin Wiley said.

Trees fell on homes, trampolines and in pools. 

"Everything is collapsed into the garage, but I'm just lucky it didn't hit any of the other part of the house," Coweta resident Misty Kilgore said. 

Coweta High School suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. 

"The school board declared an emergency which allows us the opportunity to go ahead and start getting things fixed," Coweta Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Holmes said.

Part of the roof got torn off, it's now covered by tarps. School officials say there is water damage inside the building. 

"We will get restoration crews in here to dry things out and get things ready for school to start in a few weeks," Holmes said. 

"I love this tree," Wiley said. "I'm so sad because it's totally going to change the dynamics of our whole backyard." 

Power lines snapped and hundreds of homes were robbed of electricity. The is city now staring a rebuild in the eye.