Storage unit ransacked, victims want answers

Posted at 10:48 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 23:48:33-04

Just when they thought their things were safe, someone proves them wrong. We have received multiple tips claiming someone broke into multiple storage units at Aspen Mini Storage in Broken Arrow. Now, people's belongings are missing and they want answers for their outrage. 

Box after box, Dortha Woods is picking through what's left. She's sifting through memories she thought were safe. 

"There were pictures of relatives that were broken and cut because they had dumped them out and they just stopped on them," she said. 

Woods says she's rented a storage unit from Aspen Mini Storage for six years. On Monday, she says she was notified that everything in her unit was turned upside down.

"I know that they took sterling silver," she said. 

Woods says a unit next to hers wasn't rented and was left unlocked. 

"They'd taken tin shears or something and cut through that corrugated metal," she said. 

Brittany Seale says her unit is one of eight broken into. 

"They pulled every single thing our of boxes and threw it about and they had to have planned it out," she said. "They would have had to known what they were doing, where the unit was and how to access the units from the inside." 

They've gotten everything out and they know their stuff can be replaced, but their memories, never will. 

"It's an icky feeling to know that somebody has gone through all of your stuff," Seale said.

"it just blows your mind," Woods said. 

The storage facility says they have notified all tenants involved and are working with police. Both victims say police told them they're working on multiple reports from that same storage facility.