Apollo 10 recording shows possible space music

Posted at 9:48 PM, Feb 22, 2016
They've been available to the public since 1973 and online since 2012, but it wasn't until just recently that someone uncovered this audio clip from the Apollo 10 mission. 
The background sound has been amplified so you can here what many are calling, "Space Music."

A NASA technician says it is actually interference between two radios. However, because the recording was taken on the dark side of the moon, many people are saying that just isn't true.
The space organization took to tumbler to mention a few things that were misreported when this story first broke.
1. This is NOT a new finding.
A lot of news articles, including CNN, reported this recording as new. While it is new to us, it is not newly created nor newly released.
"While listed as ‘confidential’ in 1969 at the height of the Space Race, Apollo 10 mission transcripts and audio have been publicly available since 1973.  Since the Internet did not exist in the Apollo era, we have only recently provided digital files for some of those earlier missions. The Apollo 10 audio clips were uploaded in 2012, but the mission’s audio recordings have been available at the National Archives since the early 1970s."
2. It's not that big of a deal.
Supposedly the astronauts barely even remembered the recorded moment.
"As for the likely source of the sounds, Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot Gene Cernan told us on Monday, ‘I don’t remember that incident exciting me enough to take it seriously. It was probably just radio interference. Had we thought it was something other than that we would have briefed everyone after the flight. We never gave it another thought.'"
3. You can view it all yourself.
They also linked out to the original transcript and audio clip of the flight. 
You too can view the entiretranscript as well as theaudio file. The "space music" starts around 2:50.