Small business worried about proposed resolution

Posted at 8:22 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 17:18:31-05

TULSA -- On Wednesday night, Tulsa city councilors were expected to vote on a resolution to establish a sales tax rebate for a Texas based entertainment company that would bring a luxury recreation venue to south Tulsa.

But on Wednesday afternoon Councilor Kimbro sent email Tuesday to secretary to ask for item to be pulled from agenda. 

Small businesses are pushing for the city to vote no and support the locals.

Every piece is unique, so it must be wrapped tightly.

"We antique all over the country and this is our favorite place," Windsor Market customer Chris Rust said.

From scarves to pots and pans, you can find just about anything at Windsor Market.

"We come here at least once a month," Rust said.

But their doors could soon be closed for good.

"To find out that the Tulsa City Council would entertain the idea of offering a sales tax incentive to a Texas based company to come in here and help to revitalize a shopping center and put us out of business is upsetting," Windsor Market manager Ken Rudzienski said.

Since opening 21 years ago, profits have since decreased.

"Because of the lack of visibility, the lack of traffic and the lack of sales," Rudzienski said. "We can't afford to relocate because of the extensive build out that it took initially when we opened 21 years ago."

Cinergy Entertainment is the proposed project. It would occupy a portion of a shopping center near 71st and Memorial. There would be a 62,000 square foot dine-in theater, bowling alley, game room and bar.

"If the overall feeling is that it's going to help more people than hurt, then I would say that it's worth a tax incentive," customer Joseph Born said.

There was supposed to be a vote Wednesday, December 13 on a resolution to establish a sales tax rebate. The city says Cinergy would increase sales tax generated by the property over its current amount and increase property tax values that will go into taxing authorities, including education.

"That money can be used for city facilities as well, improvement over the city like roads and such so it has merit," Born said.

If the resolution passes, the longtime business says they're left without a choice.

"We get our 30 day notice," Rudzienski said.

If the resolution does pass, a contract will then outline specifics like the number of jobs and revenue Cinergy must attain to receive a sales tax rebate. If Cinergy fails to meet requirements in the contract, they will not receive any of the sales tax rebates.