Security measures to increase for Friday night high school football following shooting at McClain

Posted at 6:29 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 19:29:02-04

Football fans can expect increased security this week during Friday night’s games.

Multiple districts in the area say fan safety is the biggest priority heading into the weekend following last week's shooting at McLain High School.

“I ain't [sic] going to come to no more football games,” said McLain senior Myquiliah Favors.

It might not be easy to get Favors to McLain's homecoming this year. She watched firsthand as police and first responders shut down last week's game.

“Some old kid almost had their life taken away from them for no reason, you know,” she said.

The victim wasn't seriously injured, but now Tulsa Public Schools is taking extra precaution and increasing officers under the Friday night lights.

“We'll have people at stations, we're going to have people that's going through the parking lot, so we're going to be busy, we're going to be moving,” said Tulsa Public Schools police deputy chief Matthias Wicks.

Tulsa police will be out in full force helping campus officers. Their presence will even be seen at TU’s Chapman Stadium as Jenks and Union go head-to-head Friday.

Tulsa University says security will be checking bags for weapons and alcohol at the doors. Their protocol will be the same as on Saturdays, only no alcohol will be sold.

“I don't think anyone's going to be dumb enough to do anything anymore because of the police are going to be here and everything,” said McLain junior Diamond Eliott.

The hope is that more officers will mean more safety for students. And if that’s the case, Favors might just change her mind about that game.

“As a community, it [police presence] protects us from violence, drama and fighting and everything so I mean it's pretty good,” said Favors.