Sand Springs Police: Man tries to lure kids with candy at bus stop

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 21:49:39-05

SAND SPRINGS - Parents on the lookout for a man who keeps trying to lure kids with candy at a bus stop near 81st West Avenue and Parkway Boulevard.

Chimes in the wind, but the breeze blew danger into Sand Springs this week.

"Kids just need to feel safe and not have to worry about walking home from school and having somebody pull up next to them like that," Grandparent Melissa Miller said. 

Sand Springs police received a report of an SUV at a bus stop near 81st West Avenue and Parkway Boulevard Tuesday morning of a man in his 50's trying to entice kids with candy.

"People are people and there's good people and bad people and you just don't know who they are," Miller said.

As a grandmother, Miller worries. She has young grandchildren who like to play in the front yard. You can tell by the toys on her front porch.

"It's scary to know that kids are helpless against an adult who's trying to get them," she said.

Next door neighbor Lynn Taylor says people tend to linger in the area. She now makes her eleven grandchildren play in the backyard.

"There's bicycles and random people up and down all hours of the night and days," she said. "So we don't play in the front yard. Period."

Tuesday's scare is less than a mile from Taylor's home, too close to home for this grandmother. 

"We're riddled with children in this neighborhood," Taylor said. "It's an older neighborhood, but there's four small children that live next door to me and it doesn't matter they're not safe."

Police are trying to get the surveillance video from the Hampton Inn across the street, hoping to get a better picture of the SUV.