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Safety questioned by Fair Park neighborhood, Tulsa backlogged on traffic calming requests

Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 23:24:25-04

TULSA, Okla. — Safety is questioned by residents in the Fair Park neighborhood of Tulsa. There are no sidewalks there, which leaves playing children and walkers exposed to the cars, they say, zoom through the area.

Six-year Fair Park resident Lauren Fleenor initiated the city’s traffic calming process. After two years, she has seen no progress.

“What I really want is for someone to pay attention,” Fleenor said. “I just don’t seem to be getting any response and any feedback on what’s taking so long.”

A communications officer for the City of Tulsa sent 2 Works for You a statement.

"We have received a request for traffic calming at that location. Due to a lack of funding when the request came in for that location in 2018, the City was not able to immediately start the traffic calming process. Currently, the City is working through a backlog of requests for traffic calming operations throughout Tulsa – this location being included in that list. Residents looking to request a speed bump in their neighborhood can do so by calling 311. Please note that traffic calming requires a detailed process after the initial request is made. After the City contacts the interested party and lets them know the procedure and what the requirements are, an initial study starts the process, then there’s getting more than 67% support for the process throughout the neighborhood, which is done through canvassing. Following neighborhood support, there is a design phase and a neighborhood meeting before any work can start. You can learn more about the traffic calming process at [] or by searching “Traffic Calming” in the search bar at []."
Carson Colvin | Communications Officer City of Tulsa Communications Department

The statement does not include a timeline on when the Fair Park neighborhood will move forward with the traffic calming process.

“It is really scary. I have a six-year-old child that lives here. I have a 15-year-old child that lives here,” Ramona Stephens, 14-year Fair Park resident said.

The residents hope sharing their concerns will help drivers be more courteous on the street they live on.

To request a speed hump, Tulsa residents can call 3-1-1. The traffic calming process is a detailed one that starts with a study. Then, more than 67% of the neighborhood must support the process. Following that are the design phase and meetings.

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