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Residents outraged by piles of dumped trash

Posted at 10:11 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 09:45:16-04

TULSA COUNTY -- A woman is fed up with people dumping their trash outside of her neighborhood. 

Amber Parrish has been living off of Wekiowa Road for more than a decade. She said in the last two years, people have started putting their garbage along the side of the road. 

"Everything is green and just alive and then you just have trash, tires and everything," Parrish said about the area she lives in.

She said the pile of trash that showed up outside her neighborhood Monday morning was the worst she has ever seen. 

There are tires, mattresses, bedding, a broken vacuum cleaner, furniture and more. 

"Maybe landlords cleaning out a rent house," Parrish said speculating who dropped off the latest trash. "Maybe they're paying someone to clean it out and they maybe pocket the money meant for the dump and they just dump it out here instead."

Often times, she and her husband pick it up because they said it falls on their shoulders if they want a nice place to live.

"I think that if I were driving my daughter to a friend's house and it looked like this along the way, I would be a little concerned about where I was taking her," Parrish said.

After dealing with this for years, Parrish is taking matters into her own hands. She said she tries to get the license plate number of the people doing the dumping, but people have started removing their license plates.

Now, Parrish is looking for mail in the piles of garbage hoping to find a name and address. 

"I have contacted the name of someone who was on the mail and she denied having anything to do with it, but that will be turned into the police," Parrish said. 

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said they are doing their part to put an end to it. It is illegal and could lead to jail time and a several thousand dollar fine. 

They are putting motion activated cameras in areas where people tend to dump things. They have been successful in catching some of the people responsible. 

Parrish's message to whoever is behind it is to be responsible and put the trash where it goes.