Recent QuikTrip robberies shed light on crime spike; authorities, company officials work together

Posted at 6:03 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 19:03:13-04

TULSA – After several QuikTrips were robbed this week, authorities and company owners are working together to help solve the crimes and possibly lower the number of incidents.

Stephanie Martin said she doesn't go to QuikTrip at night anymore after hearing of recent robberies at the convenience stores in Tulsa.

"Right now seeing all the robberies going or even in the area and including QuikTrip, it's just starting to be pretty scary,” said Martin.

We went through the 2 Works for You archives and found at least 17 crimes that occurred at QuikTrips in 2016. Roughly eight of those incidents were robberies, however, because QuikTrip has a state of the art surveillance system and is well lit, Tulsa police said they're able to solve majority of the robbery cases.

MAP: Locations of QuikTrip incidents involving assault, shootings, stabbings in Tulsa in 2015, 2016

"They're really quick to get it and they have the open windows, so the people can see inside when stuff is going on. I mean they literally do everything right,” said Tulsa Police Department Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

QuikTrip officials said they don't believe the convenience stores are being targeted. Spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh said they can't prevent crime, but they can help track down the criminals.

"We're still going to work really close like we always do with law enforcement and our employees and give them every tool that we're aware of to help them hopefully apprehend these individuals,” said Thornbrugh.

Martin said she'll continue going to QuikTrip, but she's taking precautions.

"I always feel safe when I come to QuikTrip, I never thought that anybody would do anything to me per say, but it's just, it's getting scary because the robbers are getting so brazen and they just don't care,” said Martin.