'Rain or shine' letter carriers walk for miles daily delivering mail, even in extreme heat

TULSA - “My particular route has about 800 possible stops," said Sheldon Gore, a USPS letter carrier in Tulsa.

He estimates walking more than 12 miles a day or about 25,000 steps during his daily route.

 “You need to start drinking water at night before you come the next day," said Gore about staying hydrated before and on the job.

He said he drinks at least one gallon of water a day.

“I sweat a lot and that’s a good sign, that’s what we want to see. That’s my body’s way of cooling down," said Gore.

Working during the summer can be extra challenging for him because of the scorching sun.

As temperatures continue to rise, the chance of workers suffering from the heat also goes up. In Tulsa, these instances are few.

“Typically it doesn’ thappen very often. I would say  two or three every summer in the City of Tulsa," said Shauna Nye, Tulsa's USPS Customer Service Supervisor.

Nye said the agency provides training for all new carriers to make sure they're "well-equipped to come out in this heat".

Despite the hot temperatures, Gore said he enjoys delivering mail because it keeps him in shape.

“I think my wife and I figured out I walk the Appalachian trail about every five months and that’s about a 2,200 mile trail," said Gore.

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