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Rain causes problems for Bixby senior living complex

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 19:15:25-04

BIXBY, Okla. — The heavy rainfall today sent water into some new apartments in south Bixby.

Residents tell 2 News when it rains on the Hadlee Manor senior living complex, the water doesn’t stay outside like it supposed to. It comes rushing in leaving them to clean it up. They also say they’ve talked to management reporting the issue but it keeps happened.

Lacreta Richardson woke up Wednesday morning to her front door and hallway flooded by rainwater.

She just moved into the Hadlee Manor senior complex a month ago and this isn’t something she thought she’d be dealing with.

“I’ve already used about 20 towels just soaked them from all the flooding that’s come in,” Richardson said.

She’s not the only one upset.

“It's frustrating to know that it’s a brand new building, a brand new unit and they’ve got issues like this," Doyle Seaton, another Hadlee Manor resident, said. "They shouldn’t have these issues. This is something that should have been address during construction not after all the units are all filled up.”

Seaton and Richardson are concerned most for those seniors in the complex who are in wheelchairs and dealing with flooding both inside and outside.

“The people on the end are in a wheelchair and for them to get to their vehicle they have to go through all that water. That’s not good,” Seaton said.

It’s not just coming in the front door. They showed 2 News a pipe in their utility rooms where rainwater is coming in too.

“I’ve got my 6 quart pot and it completely filled it this [Wednesday] morning, so I had to put my big 8 gallon pot there and go dump the 6 quart. So that’s how much came in this morning,” Richardson said.

When they report it to management they are told they will look into it or they are told this, “she says I’ve already called and they said they will come and check on it next week. Well we are being flooded today,” Richardson said.

Both residents say they like living there and don’t want to leave, they along with other residents just want the issues fixed.

Two News Oklahoma reached out to the property office but no one has been answering the phones and when we showed up in person the office door was locked with no one in there during the posted office hours.

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