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Project Safe Schools: Claremore returns to the classroom

Posted at 3:31 AM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 10:10:47-04

TULSA, Okla. — Returning to the classroom during a pandemic isn't easy. Especially for elementary aged students.

Thursday, Claremore Public Schools returns to the classroom, prepared to start the year.

The district tells 2 Works for You, two staff members have tested positive since March.

One over the summer, and one most recently. Resulting in seven people being quarantined who came in contact.

The district explains they are also not testing all staff ahead of the first day, but will be requiring temperature checks to everyone before entering any buildings.

One Claremore teacher, Bona Cardwell tells 2 Works for You, they've spent all summer preparing for the in-person and online options for students.

They are ready to switch back and forth if it's a need, and keep students on track.

The district decided to provide all students, both in-person and online with technology like Ipads, and chrome books. It's so they can be prepared just in case all students will be moved to online during a spike in Covid cases.

Cardwell tells us the first day of school will consist of a thorough explanation of rules in procedures required by the district like mask wearing, face shields, sanitizing in between classes, hand hygiene, and why students have to social distance.

“This is a brand new program that we have going right now, so we have been unpacking a lot of cool gadgets and things so we’re ready to get the kids back in here and see their sweet faces again,” Cardwell said.

CPS is also allowing parents to switch students in or out of traditional learning over the course of the next two weeks.

“We have a two week trial period where any student that chose traditional, if it’s not working for them they can choose to transition virtual, or if it’s not working and they want to come back to traditional they could do that," Chrissy Willard said.

Roosa Elementary Principal Chrissy Willard says it's called 'Be a zebra virtual', or 'Be a zebra hybrid'.

One, is 100 percent online, and the other involves in-person and online learning.

For the schools websiteclick here.

To download the full back to school plan click here.

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