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Owasso Public Schools gives option to return to in-person classes

Posted at 9:00 PM, Sep 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-05 23:32:25-04

Several parents of Owasso students were glad to see Owasso Public Schools announce it's decision to return to in-person classes on September 17th.

While other parents say that neither option, in-person or virtual, offered by the district is acceptable.

One parent, Tim Reiland, tells us, "I just don’t think it’s very responsible to be putting a bunch of kids inside of a building.”

Aiden Gore is a sophmore at Owasso High, since classes began on August 24th he and other students have been attending classes through Owasso's Pivot to Home program.

The program is a form of virtual schooling that utilizes live video sessions with students at home on their laptops while the teacher is in the classroom.

In the original Pivot to Home packet that parents received on August 7th, the district said to expect the plan to last at least the first nine weeks of the Fall semester.

Aiden tells us that his current advanced classes through the Pivot to Home program aren't offered in the Virtual Program.

Aiden's father, Ron Gore, says, "You’re left with the option of getting a substandard education or putting your health at risk.”

While some parents say the Pivot to Home program has benefited their children, other's say the online program is unreliable.

Officials with the district tell us, "we've reached a point in the data and trends that is similar to where we were in mid-July when our intention was that we would convene in our physical classrooms."

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