Over 20 dogs rescued from Okmulgee County home covered with feces in hoarding situation

Posted at 8:42 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 00:51:39-04

OKMULGEE COUNTY – Over 20 dogs were rescued from a house covered in feces this week, says the SPCA.

The dogs were victim to a hoarding situation that the SPCA says became out of control.

"When I first saw the pictures, I thought there had been a fire and when we found out it was feces, we were kind of shocked."

The dogs have issues-- like fleas-- skin and ear conditions and overgrown toenails, Mindy Tiner says. Overall, their health is pretty good-- and it doesn't seem like this is a case of criminal neglect or abuse.

"The lady who lived here was trying to take care of them she just it's a mental illness issue and she just got overwhelmed."

The woman's relatives reached out to several agencies but the county shelter did not have room for all the dogs.

Henryetta police could not help because the home is just outside of town and the sheriff's office says they can't help because there are no allegations of abuse.

Thankfully, that is when the Tulsa County SPCA stepped in.

"I mean it's a lot but you know you can't turn your back on a situation like this."

Overall, it took rescuers about three hours to round up all the dogs. 23 The SPCA will then asses all of the dogs’ health before putting them up for adoption.