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Oklahoma’s Cold Case Files: The mysterious case of Molly Miller

Posted at 8:15 PM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-12 23:45:05-05

TULSA, Okla. — Paula Fielder kneels at the altar, praying to see her cousin Molly Miller again.

“It’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from,” Fielder said.

The last time anyone saw Miller, she was inside a car with three other people.

“This has taken a toll on our entire family,” Fielder said.

Fielder was much older than Miller, but their relationship was strong.

“She was real feisty, you know. She just liked to play around. She was kind of a goofball, you know,” Fielder said. “She was very active in softball. And, and I really think that she could have been somebody someday with her career.”

Fielder and Miller caught up at a family reunion in May 2013.

“She had poison ivy terrible that day, and it was hot," Fielder said. "So, she spent a lot of her time inside under the air conditioner.”

That was the last time Paula ever saw Miller. Fast forward to July of 2013.

“On July the 7th, it was on a Sunday. She had been picked up. Her and Colt had been picked up by Con Nipp,” Fielder said.

Miller and her friend Colt Haynes were passengers. The driver, Conn Nipp, led police on a high-speed chase. Police records show the car reached speeds over 100 miles per hour before the officers lost sight of it in the woods. That’s where things take a strange turn.

“At 12:57 a.m. Molly made a 911 call. It was five seconds, according to dispatch. All they heard on the other end was buttons being pushed,” Fielder said. “She made that last phone call at 9:33 a.m. and then 9:39 was the last phone call made from her phone.”

Police arrested Nipp, and he went to prison for fleeing from police. He gave no indications of Miller or Haynes whereabouts.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation picked up the case in 2014 but has no leads. Seven years after Miller’s disappearance, her family made a difficult decision.

“She was declared deceased on January 13th of this year,” Fielder said. “Molly’s grandpa, who she was very, very close to, died of COVID. I’m heartbroken that he did not get to see justice on this earth. But I’m also at peace with it because I know that he’s with her now.”

Days after Miller was declared dead; search crews combed the area of her last known whereabouts. There was a sign of hope as a search dog alerted, but it faded when no trace of Molly was found. Paula is still praying for answers.

“I wish I could just turn back time and bring her back and just tell her that I love her,” Fielder said.

If you have any information about Miller's disappearance on July 7, 2013, please call the OSBI tip line at 1-800-522-8017

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