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Oklahoma releases updated Mobile ID to support REAL ID enrollment

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 23:37:33-05

OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Kevin Stitt announced Tuesday that Oklahoma Mobile ID is now up-to-date to help Oklahomans quickly and easily pre-enroll for REAL ID.

Mobile ID users can use the app’s checklist to confirm they have the correct documents, upload them using their smartphone camera, and answer a brief questionnaire, according to the governor's office. Completing these steps in advance can save applicants time during their in-person visit.

"The team at the Department of Public Safety has worked tirelessly to update systems and adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19 in order to implement REAL ID," said Gov. Stitt. "The updated Mobile ID app will help streamline the process and ensure Oklahomans can begin the process of pre-enrolling in the critical program."

Even though you can upload the documents prior to your appointment, you must still bring them with you when you go. DPS currently has a 60-day wait time for appointments. But when you do get in, it hopes the update will speed up your visit by about 40 percent.

“We’re currently looking at ways right now to work people in that use this pre-enrollment function on the Mobile ID app to give them some sort of incentive to use this," said Sarah Stewart with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

While some might have security concerns about uploading these documents to the app, DPS ensures there are safeguards in place to protect them.

“You actually can set up to open with facial recognition or your fingerprint," Stewart said. "So, if somebody got ahold of your phone they would not be able to get into this app.”

Even though you can pre-enroll for the REAL ID on the app, the Mobile ID does not count as identification when interacting with law enforcement or at the airport.

“You have to show that actual plastic card, you can’t show the Mobile ID because as of yet considered ID compliant," Stewart said.

Oklahoma is the second state in the nation to implement Mobile ID in 2019.

Mobile ID is a digitized version of a physical driver’s license allowing users to safely store their identification on a smartphone.

To learn more about where you can use Oklahoma’s Mobile ID, click here. To download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store.

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