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Oklahoma man thankful for treatment at Valley Hope rehabilitation center

Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-14 13:27:26-04

CUSHING, Okla. — "I was absolutely broken and hopeless when I came here in 2015."

Kneeling in the chapel at Valley Hope Addiction Treatment Recovery in Cushing, Scott gives thanks for the new life he's now living.

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"Were you ready for help?" asked Karen Larsen, 2 News Oklahoma news anchor.

"I would like to say I was ready," Scott replied. "It wasn't my first attempt to get sober, but it was certainly the lowest I'd been in and I was looking at some time."

Scott served jail time for things he did during the depths of his addiction including ingesting drugs in ways that he never thought he would. He said his addiction started with alcohol, and later marijuana in high school where he played football.

The behavior escalated during his college years with cocaine and methamphetamines. He ended up dropping out of college. While he later married, raised children and had a career in restaurants, he said he hid his addiction well.

"We had two cars, two dogs, two children, a nice home. And I would just use it to stay focused at work, then it took over," Scott said.

He lost everything; his marriage and children, his home and work. When he ended up facing incarceration, an agreement with the court allowed his parents to send him to Valley Hope of Cushing to face his addiction, detox and start treatment.

"They get individual therapy, group therapy, chaplains services. We are able to give them the full hands-on approach in the residential setting," said Dana Kerney, Senior Vice President, Valley Hope Addiction Treatment Recovery in Cushing.

Kerney says Valley Hope, which opened in Cushing in 1974, offers a full continuum of care with a team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, counselors and chaplains to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of each person.

  • On-site medical detox
  • Medical stabilization
  • Intensive in-and-outpatient programs including more than 40-hours per week of individual counseling, 12-step sessions and group therapy
  • Weekly continuing care programs
  • Discharge planning and return to work assistance
  • Indoor & outdoor recreational activities
  • Family care
  • Alumni events

"We really try to get people to understand that once they come to treatment with us, they are part of the Valley Hope family an that does not change when they walk out of the door," Kerney said.

Six years after starting treatment at Valley Hope, Scott celebrates living with sobriety and hope "beyond my wildest dreams." He returned to college and earned his bachelor's degree. In addition, he has restored his relationships with his parents and children. He now encourages others walking that dark path of addiction to reach out for help.

"There's a number that if you call it there's a live person who will answer it," Scott said. "And they will do everything that's humanly possible to get you to a place that you need to get the help."

The number at Valley Hope of Cushing is (800) 544-5101.

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