Nowata 9-year-old gives warm clothes to homeless

Posted at 9:19 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 14:39:41-05

TULSA -- A Nowata 9-year-old is spending his own money on winter essentials and giving them to those in need. 

He's got his speech nailed to a tee. Spencer Striplin's keeps everything in a trunk.

"I thought of how my mom wears bracelets a lot," he said.

So he decided to make his own and use the profits to buy winter necessities for the homeless.

"I think of how a nicer life other people have and then I think how homeless people don't even have a home and so I want to help them out and give them some things so they can stay alive," the Nowata 4th grader said.

Striplin has filled one backpack every month since January. But decided to up his game since colder weather hits during the holidays.

"I see a kind heart," Roxanne Satawake said. "I see God in his heart. I see Jesus in his heart. That's very good and very awesome."

Veteran Richard Stottlemyre says he appreciates Striplin's passion. 

"I can really use the gloves," Richard Stottlemyre said. "I froze last night. He's got mercy and the grace of God."

"He loves giving to all of them, but that one impacted him the most because he has a grandpa that is a disabled veteran," Spencer's mom Regina Striplin said.

As the Nowata student leaves with an empty trunk, he says he got a little bit of time to continue his passion.

"Until I'm too old," Striplin said.