Multiple reports of dorm intruder at TU

Posted at 9:43 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 22:43:23-04

Tulsa police are investigating multiple reports of female students awaking to find an intruder in their dorm rooms on the University of Tulsa campus.

Administrators said they sent timely alerts to students warning of the incidents. At least five have been reported this semester. In two cases, students reported waking up to find the intruder touching them. Descriptions are vague but police believe the same man with a slender build may be behind the incidents– the most recent reported last month.

A common thread in most of these cases the students doors were unlocked.

Jasmine Antwine will soon be a senior at TU. She lives on campus and as president of the Association of Black Collegiates she advises new students to not take safety for granted.

"No matter if you're in your room or not always lock your door."

She said part of college life is learning best practices for keeping yourself safe.

"There are some people who live in neighborhoods where you can leave your house with your door unlocked and everything is OK. Whereas people like me, I come from a neighborhood where you must lock your door," Antwine said.

Jasmine and other students said while this incidents are concerning they still feel safe on campus.

Campus leaders also warn not to hold dorm doors open for people you do not personally know. Student IDs are required to gain entry into many buildings but are rendered useless if doors are propped open for anyone approaching.