Mother fights for medical marijuana reform

Posted at 10:35 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 23:35:26-05

State lawmakers are considering medical marijuana use for adults with dementia, PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease.

This week an extension of 'Katie's Law', which already allows some treatment for children, will likely go before the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

But now a Tulsa mother says this law does little to help her child suffering from seizures and she wants more widespread reform.

Three-year-old Jaqie Angel is happy and healthy as she's ever been, only years removed from having 200 seizures a day. Now she can go weeks without one.

“If Jaqie was never allowed the chance to have cannabis oil, she'd probably be in heaven with God,” Jaqie’s mother Brittany Hardy Warrior explained.

Warrior is crusading to legalize stronger marijuana treatments for her daughter here in Oklahoma.

“I would like to see them open their minds, listen to the people who actually suffer.”

Right now under “Katie’s Law” CBD oil is legal, but it’s actually the stronger THC oil which has helped Jaqie’s seizures go away.

“Do we take Jaqie off the THC oil and live here legally or do we do what we do to save our daughter's life and keep her happy.”

These two travel back and forth to Colorado to get the more potent THC treatments every month, costing thousands in travel and medical expenses.

“All I want to do is come back home,” Warrior said. “All I want to do is let Jaqie heal here around her family around her friends.”

Right now, medical marijuana options are limited. Oklahoma only allows low dose treatments on a trial basis.

“I will fight every day as long as I live, until I see the laws changed here.”

There have been two failed campaigns to put medical marijuana on the ballot, but once again advocates are gearing up for another petition drive.

Warrior says lawmakers must step up to the plate, so Jaqie and other kids can get the help they need.

“I would love to see Oklahoma open its mind and allow the chance for these people to heal and restore these families.”

Jaqie’s family is working to raise funds to help pay for treatments with a Give Forward page. They are also holding a fundraiser on March 12th.